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Buy Zippyshare Accounts. Zippyshare a service that offers unlimited hosting space for free sounds too good to be true. But rest assured, is a legitimate file-sharing service, its peculiarities, and shortcomings notwithstanding. In fact, ZippyShare has been operational for more years than several of the current crops of file-sharing services.

Interestingly you can use ZippyShare to transfer and share files without even spending time registering yourself with the service. While this feature is good for quickly sharing the odd file or two, if you plan on using the service regularly it’s best to register an account to get access to some useful features.

Before we explore its features, remember that ZippyShare is only a file-sharing solution, and little else. In other words, don’t be surprised if it’s missing some of the features that you’ll get with other services.

Features one of ZippyShare’s most striking features is that it offers unlimited disk space, which is practically unheard of for file-sharing services. However, the individual uploads cannot be larger than 500 MB in size.

This shouldn’t be a problem for most legitimate uses and is imposed in order to dissuade users from using the service to share files illegitimately. Another feature that is common with the free accounts on other file sharing services as
well, is that ZippyShare will automatically delete files in your account after 30 days of inactivity on them.

So if any of your files haven’t been downloaded in the last month, ZippyShare will remove them for good. There’s no recycle bin from where you can
restore the deleted files. If you need to share the deleted files, you’ll have to upload them to your ZippyShare account again.

Interface and use Like I’ve mentioned earlier you can use the service without registering an account, but it’s best to do so. You don’t get the convenience of a single sign-on but it requires little more than your name and login credentials.

The interface for uploading files remains the same a simple text box into which you can drag and drop and a number of files and folders. ZippyShare will display the progress of each file while they are being uploaded. The uploads are quick and there’s no artificial delay, which again is a surprise considering the service doesn’t cost a penny.

When a file has been uploaded, ZippyShare will automatically share it and publish the URLs for accessing the file. The service also offers the option to upload files from a remote URL. This is a rather exotic feature and I was surprised to see it on ZippyShare. But while it did accept the remote links to files I pasted in the designated area, they never showed up in my account and the URLs it generated for these files always returned a “File not found” error.

The competition ZippyShare isn’t the only service to offer a free account. MediaFire also supports its free account via ads. However, while you can upgrade to a paid account for an ad-free experience, the lack of a similar option for ZippyShare is irksome.

While I can still live with the ads, the real problem for me is the lack of privacy options. Both its web and desktop uploaders give you the ability to mark uploads as private, which won’t be shared automatically.

You can also password-protect directories, which when shared will require the password before permitting access to the files. And that’s about it. You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for access controls or two-factor authentication, which you get with Mega’s free account.

We were also impressed by Mega’s encryption options. While ZippyShare will pipe all transfers through an HTTPS connection, it doesn’t do end-to-end encryption, which is another must-have feature especially if you’re looking to use the service on a regular basis.


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